“ I can attest to the benefits of allowing the body to sleep as it needs. I no longer stress over my sleep when I wake up at 2 am. Instead of laying in bed and stressing, I may get up and read, write, study or knock out some projects. When I become sleepy again, I return to bed. I've learned to listen to my body instead of assuming something is wrong because I'm not sleeping according to advice by "sleep experts". Advice that is frankly wrong according to the evidence.”

Thank you for sharing great advice about sleeping. We've been trained to not pay attention to our circadian clock. DST doesn't help. 🙈

As an entertainer who has spent most of my life on the road sleeping in noisy 5-star hotels (yes even 5-star hotels are noisy), in cars, vans, buses, trains, and planes in different time zones every day, I relate to sleep deprivation. My best friends were low-dose valium and earplugs.

My life is more sedentary now and I love it. I enjoy proper rest.

Have a fabulous Thanksgiving Terrence! 🥧 🦃

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Hi Charlotte! Thank you for reading. 😊

I can’t even imagine dealing with the schedule you had as I’m sure it was brutal. True rest is soooo good!

Happy Thanksgiving 🍁🦃 🍽 to you as well!

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