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This newsletter is most likely going to be vastly different than anything you’ve ever read. As someone who experienced very real, traumatic, supernatural evil as a child, I’ve spent the last 10 years trying to discern the connection between the supernatural realm and ours. Until very recent, humanity has always understood this connection.

This fascination and unwarranted burden has caused me to become a self-made scholar of sorts —researching everything from ancient Mesopotamian practices and beliefs to why humanity is facing a global epidemic of metabolic disease.

There’s a lot taking place in our world and this has always been the case. My goal is to help people see the true architecture of the cosmos and understand how humanity fits in as well as how to fight back against the powers that are besting us.

This is a challenging newsletter but I’ve been told it’s very rewarding. I hope you’ll subscribe and join the community I’m building.

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Author of Darkness in the Clouds (Amazon/Applebooks). Blogger & YouTuber on break. I create content to shed light on the supernatural world and its impacts on humanity.